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Community Involvement

Team Duct Tape is active in both our immediate neighborhood community, as well as our FIRST community, year round. Our outreach and engineering engagement programs are aimed at:

  • Informing the general public about FIRST robotics,
  • Coordinating cooperative training and practice opportunities with other area teams;
  • Promoting interest and engagement in science, math and technology to area youth, and
  • Encouraging business and professional community involvement in mentoring and coaching .

If you’d like to learn more about student opportunities with FIRST robotics, or about mentoring, or coaching a team, or if you’d like Team Duct Tape to come speak to your business or organization, please drop us a 2015 FIRSTFL Showcase Team Iconline at

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Outreach In 2011

Outreach in 2010

Helping out at Sypris Electronics Innovation Day

Outreach in 2009


We hosted two low-cost FIRST LEGO League community summer camps, with plans to provide long term mentoring to teams that may arise from the camp experience. We capped off the learning experience by hosting an FLL mini-tournament and FIRST Open House, open to the public, at a local Tampa library, receiving coverage by the Tampa Tribune and Fox 13 News.

As of July 2009, one new team comprised of students who attended our camps registered with FIRST LEGO League for the 2009-10 season: FLL Team 3519. We’re looking forward to mentoring Team 3519 through a successful rookie year!

 In 2008, our Rookie year, we provided outreach at:

Ongoing Outreach:


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