Team 2845 is Awarded a FIRST Rookie Team Grant

Team 2845 of Odessa announces with gratitude and appreciation the award of a two year Rookie Team grant, one of 250 awarded nationwide. The grant was awarded on the basis of serving the needs of science and technology education in our area, which lacks community based opportunities in that area for local high school students. The grant provides $450 towards the purchase of the $900 FTC competition kit this year, and $275 towards for the cost of the 2009 FTC season registration.

The FTC competition kit provides all the new platform parts including three software packages, 11 motors, 10 sensors, Bluetooth communications, rechargeable batteries, metal gears, and a complete set of structural components. The kits are reconfigurable and can be used over multiple seasons.

The 2008 season game will be announced in September, and “will include tasks that reflect real-world issues faced by robotics designers today. Uneven surfaces, manipulation of objects, and greater use of sensor technology will be featured.” Play features head-to-head competition and the use of alliances.

Visit US FIRST to learn more about the FIRST Tech Challenge. And if you’re a high school student in the NW Hillsborough County, or West Pasco area and want to be part of Team 2845, drop us a line at .

LIFE Robotics

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