Team 2845 2008-09 Mission and Goals

As the Kick-off approaches, and just one day before the competition kits ship, we want to publicly reflect on the Team 2845 mission and goals we set for ourselves at our first meeting:

Team 2845s Coach, mentors and parents promise to Team 2845:

  • We will abide by the core values that we expect of you, as team members:

We are a Team.

We do the work to get the job done with guidance from our coaches and mentors.

We honor the spirit of friendly competition.

What we learn is more important than what we win.

We share our experiences with others.

We display gracious professionalism in everything we do.

We have fun!
  • We will start and end meetings on time;
  • We will have specific recommended goals, determined in coordination with team members, to achieve at each meeting;
  • We will communicate regularly and keep you apprised of important deadlines and opportunities;
  • We will always listen to you;
  • We will facilitate team meetings and help guide your discovery, but I will not give you answers or make decisions for you. Team 2845 belongs to the team members.

Coach and mentor goals and expectations of Team 2845s:

  • We expect members to abide by FTC Core Values at all times, especially “gracious professionalism”;
  • We expect team members to be on time to meetings, unless notified about extenuating circumstances;
  • We expect team members to be responsive in communications with me and with one another;
  • We expect team members to listen to one another, and to support and encourage one another.

Overall Team Goal:

Our goal is for you to enjoy your FTC robotics experience, while learning some enduring educational, career and social skills that will carry you into your future with a sense of achievement and purpose.

Team Member Goals:

Team members have said that they want to:

  • Have fun
  • Learn to program and build
  • Learn more about robots
  • Have a successful team and a successful year

With such great team members and such great goals, we can’t help but succeed as a team!

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