Team Duct Tape at LIFE Fest 2008

FTC Team 2845 joined East Lake High School’s FRC Team Krunch and FLL Team Mu at Learning is for Everyone’s LIFE Fest 2008 Home and Alternative Learner’s Conference at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday Sept. 20, for a full day of FIRST demos and outreach.

Over 300 people attended LIFE Fest, learning about all sorts of community learning opportunities, including great youth programs like FIRST. Team members used their time at the event to explain the rudiments of FTC, demonstrate programming, and generally let people see teenagers having a great time with science and technology.

Team Duct Tape was even able to help out at the event by providing — duct tape! — to other groups needing to secure extension cords or otherwise fasten things together.

Team Duct Tape – Always Ready to Help! 🙂

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