Team Duct Tape enjoys AMSE Dinner Opportunity

Team Duct Tape was invited, with other area teams to attend the October dinner of American Society of Mechanical Engineers -Florida West Coast Section . It was an opportunity to meet with mechanical engineers from around the Gulf Coast area, and to give them an opportunity to learn more about FIRST.

Florida FTC Affiliate Partner, Michael Coleman, spoke on behalf of FIRST. The AMSE-FWCS has been a long time supporter of FIRST robotics in Florida, with members serving as judges and referees at past events, and dedicating themselves to serving again this year.

Aaron C., Team Duct Tape’s project manager, was able to share some background about our team and to speak with engineers on a variety of topics (including the Rays – Go Rays!) and to learn about the AMSE.

Founded in 1880, the AMSE today has 120,000 members and is focused on technical, educational and research issues of the engineering and technology community.

Team Duct Tape is very grateful for the opportunity to meet with ASME members, and looking forward to working more closely with them as mentors and guides in the FIRST Tech Challenge adventure.

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