Lab View Timer from Team Duct Tape

If you are either tired of using a stopwatch to time your practice rounds, or if you just don’t have a stopwatch, or if you think it seems a little improper to use a stopwatch, or it’s not digital, then you might like this Lab View program from Team Duct Tape. Recently I found out that the source code for the FTC Controller station comes with Lab View. We do not use Lab View to program but we do know a little about using it. After searching on Google I found a Lab View Stop watch and attached it to the Controller Station.

You can download it here

I do not have the plug-in to compile it; however it seems to work fine without being compiled. Just start it up and select run. Leave the robot disabled and connect normally. Select the either teleop or autonomous and push start to activate. If all goes well the LED Labeled “Timed:” will light up confirming that the robot is enabled. It has all the functionality of the original FTC Controller station so you don’t have to switch between them. This program is still a beta so please report any errors to the source forge project here:

Have a good timed practice round.

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