Happy Holidays from Team Duct Tape!

Team Duct Tape’s Holiday Pot Luck provided a great opportunity for some recreational down time with family, mentors and friends. Mr. Peter Grotsky, president of the Florida West Coast Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and his wife Carol joined us for an afternoon of conversation, great grilled burgers, courtesy of mentor Steve Willingham, and some duct tape ingenuity for entertainment.

Team members played cards, darts, and put a flotilla of duct tape boats to sea in the pool, and generally had a great time.

We ended the day with a small gift for team members, a set of digital calipers for each one, accompanied by a message to see them off to a new year of growth and knowledge:


Your journey through life will lead you to success if you avoid the path of mediocrity, follow the path of Excellence, and never be blinded by a pursuit of perfection.

Let this gift from Team Duct Tape always remind you to stick to the path of Excellence!


We send our sincerest wish for success and excellence to all teams in the New Year!

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