Team Duct Tapes Meets FIRST President Paul Gudonis

We get what we celebrate,” FIRST president Paul Gudonis said, quoting FIRST founder Dean Kamen, in his keynote speech at the 2009 NETA conference. And today, Team Duct had a chance to celebrate everything they love about FIRST as they represented FIRST Tech Challenge at the conference luncheon.

Team Duct Tape was honored to meet Mr. Paul Gudonis at the event, which offered an enjoyable opportunity to help inform Corporation for Public Broadcasting executives about the unparalleled success FIRST robotics has in helping students to succeed and excel in math, science and technology in a fun and enduring way, and to encourage a partnership with US FIRST.

Team members were able to share their experiences and expertise in programming. building and team work, and to express how their participation in FTC has inspired them to remain interested in engineering and technology.

Despite a balky bluetooth connection, they were able to complete some solid runs with their robot, explaining the Face Off! game to interested onlookers. In addition to Mr. Gudonis, team members enjoyed meeting Mr. Erik Halleus, Chairmen of High Tech Workforce Development for Florida FIRST Regional, and Ms. Awilda Lopez-Cepero, an association of Mr. Pete Grotsky’s, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, also joined us at the event.

Team Duct Tape shared the stage with FRC Team 79 and FLL RoboChicks ! and II teams, giving them all a chance to chat and share insights and friendship.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to represent FTC, and to demonstrate, at every opportunity, why we celebrate being part of FIRST.

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