Learning about ProE at McCormick-Stevenson Visit

Team Duct Tape members visited the McCormick Stevenson Corporation in Clearwater, FL this week, to learn more about practical applications of CAD design and engineering analysis. With the recent gift of accessibility to ProEngineer, Mathcad and other collaborative tools from PTC, it was a great opportunity to see how these tools are used in everyday engineering work.

Team members brought their robot, which they demonstrated for McCormick Stevenson engineers, explaining about their own design process and how the Face Off! competition works. Engineers enjoyed examining the robot and trying their hand at driving it.

Nathaniel McCormick, an engineer with the company, and son of company president Noel McCormick, provided team members with a comprehensive overview of ProEngineer , explaining some of the program’s basic tools and how to use them. Team members were also able to see products in various stages of development and compare them to the design drawings.

Team Duct Tape is very grateful to McCormick-Stevenson for all the time they took to share their knowledge and experience with team members. They’re all great role models for our young engineers!

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