Past Meets Future at Bay Area Renaissance Fest


Visitors learning about our robot and FIRST robotics

Team Duct Tape hosted a display booth at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival today, on the grounds of Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), as part of the festival’s Inventors Weekend.  Visitors enjoyed being greeted by our robot dispensing information brochures about our team and about FIRST robotics, and learning about Leonardo DaVinci’s robot via a display team members assembled.  Also on hand was a  Knex device made by a team member, illustrating how clockwork mechanisms work.


Renaissance Festival goers strike a pose by Team Duct Tape's booth

Beside us, East Lake High School’s FRC Team Krunch displayed a couple of their big robots, and spent much of the day entertaining visitors to the Piper’s Valley display area by firing their air cannon, variously filled with stuffed toys and rolled up t-shirts.

We’re looking forward to another full day at the Renaissance Festival tomorrow!


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