Renaissance Festival Round Up

Checking out the robot

Checking out the robot

The Team Duct Tape tent was hopping on Sunday, as a steady stream of Renaissance Festival goers, at MOSI, checked out our robot(s) (we had a little sumo bot on hand, too!) , our clockwork display and tabletop catapult,  and learned more about FIRST robotics.

We made some terrific acquaintances Sunday, too, starting with “Chef Kenny” Robinson, a corporate chef for Sweetbay Supermarket, who brought some treats for our mascot of the day, Daisy the ferret (the pet of a team member’s sister), and who’s interest in the team and their efforts was deeply appreciated.

We also met electrical engineers, retired programmers, a coach with the BrickSchoolers FLL teams, and crowds and crowds of eager, interested kids of all ages interested in learning more about FIRST robotics. team-duct-tape-crowd

We had so much fun, we plan to come back again next year with a bigger display, and hopefully in the company of more FLL and FRC teams, too.  Inventors Weekend is a great way to showcase the work of our young roboticists, who are carrying on the tradition of innovation started by Leonardo DaVinci a half century ago and represented so well by FIRST today.

Team Duct Tape's Renaissance Mascot, with fans

Team Duct Tape's Renaissance Mascot, with fans

Enjoying our clockwork demo

Enjoying our clockwork demo

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