Gearing Up for Spring and Summer

We held our first formal post-season meeting today — or perhaps a very early *pre-season* meeting, depending on your perspective.  We’ve got quite a line-up to see us through June!  Some of our upcoming activities and programs include:

and general all purpose fun and games like a laser tag night at the local Qzar , and a Team Duct Tape 4th of July cook-out and pool party.

We also worked on creating stronger role definitions for team members, looked at a sample team handbook with an eye to creating our own, and got a brief tutorial on using the Windchill collaborative tool to help plan out our work next season.

All in all —  and with a terrific peanut butter pie for a snack! —  it was a terrific meeting that has us all looking ahead with excitement and anticipation about all the great things coming up this spring and summer.

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