New Social Networking Opportunities for Florida FTC Teams

facebook-pageThis year, there are all sorts of new ways for teams to stay connected, informed, updated and educated, both nationally via the FIRST Community (Good job growing our group there, Florida – we’re up from 45 members to nearly 70!) , as well as through several new communications communities the Florida FTC Operating Committee has created here at home for you:

The Florida FIRST Tech Challenge forums

The Florida FIRST Tech Challenge Facebook group

And Florida FIRST Tech Challenge on Twitter

So rally your coaches, mentors and team members and come join us in helping us grow the FIRST community nationally and here in Florida in fun and exciting ways that will help bring this great program to more people everywhere!  If you have any questions or need help joining, registering or subscribing to any of our new groups or resources, please let Florida FIRST Tech Challenge know at

Registration to the new FL FTC Forums is recommended and highly encouraged and should provide a rich and rewarding way for Florida teams to stay connected and informed about everything from events and competitions to programming,  team building, fundraising, using CAD software and much more!

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