FTC Futures Forum Notes

Dr. Paul Bresnan, coach of Lakeland’s FTC Team Mechanical Flightless Waterfowl, and just back from a volunteer stint at the 2008-9 FTC World Championship, alerted us to the results of FTC Team Unlimited’s FTC Futures Forum, held at the event on April 16.  The intent of the forum was to discuss, “possible future enhancements for the FTC program” and to create an opportunity for teams to ” put forward their ideas for future improvements to the program. “

Apparently they did just that! Among recommendations:

  • Minimize updates, especially right before tournaments;
  • Consider a Software Award recognizing programming skills;
  • Female ratio on teams remains low, and teams should expand efforts to further diversify teams;
  • Hold FTC scrimmages at FLL events, to encourage and provide a preview for FLL teams;
  • Have a longer autonomous period;
  • Lots of recommendations on parts, motors and sensors;
  • Calls for more assistance with ProEngineer,

And much, much more! You can see the complete notes at Team Unlimited’s website, which also features a great collection of resources.and photos from Atlanta.   (We’re kicking off our new Great Team Websites page, in our Robotics Resources section, with Team Unlimited’s website – Great job, Team Unlimited, and thank you for all you do!)

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