Grappling with ProEngineer

Getting through the ProE Learning Curve

Getting through the ProE Learning Curve

Team Duct Tape, joined by TechMasters coach KK Quah and student member Randall, worked together to master the basics of Windchill and ProEngineer. Windchill promises to be an extremely useful tool for integrating various aspects of the team experience.

Windchill enables teams to network, store and share files, and share product development data throughout the build season, at meetings and virtually from home, and can help manage an entire project including fundraising, marketing, and finance information.

It facilitates collaboration with web-based workspaces, alerts, discussion forums, and Microsoft Office integration. Hosted by PTC, web-based Windchill is easily accessible through a Web-browser. Team members especially appreciated the design workspace and planning, meeting, assignments and discussion areas within Windchill.

ProEngineer  proved to have a steep learning curve, from trying to figure out why Coach KKs work images repeatedly disappeared to

Arm Chair Tutorial

Arm Chair Tutorial

mastering view orientations. But everyone gamely carried on, making it through the basic overivew and assembly tutorials.   Team members are  tasked with creating a design of choice from the FTC kit of parts in the CAD library to bring to next week’s meeting.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Working out bugs

Working out bugs

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