FIRST Founder Dean Kamen Delivers Univ of AZ Commencement Address

As reported in Saving the World…Through Technology, FIRST founder Dean Kamen delivered the commencement address to University of Arizona graduates on Saturday, appealing to them to join the effort to make “science and technology fields as appealing to America’s youth as the sports and entertainment industries.”

From the University of Arizona article (


Kamen believes that the key to effectively engaging youth is honesty. “You can’t kid a kid,” said Kamen. “You don’t just tell them that science is fun. You show them.”

Kamen is hopeful that today’s youth will consider count scientists and engineers among today’s heroes, some of which will likely reside at America’s universities.

“As the thought leaders of the culture, our institutions of higher learning need to be pushing harder and harder to get the general public to understand the value of education,” Kamen said.

He believes that more scientists will become heroes “by understanding the problems we need to solve and using our understanding to show kids that it really is accessible and it really is fun.”


See video and an interview with Mr. Kamen here:

Team Duct Tape will keep doing our part to have fun while learning and competing!

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