ProE II Meeting Improves Progress

Team Duct Tape & Company, Berkely Prep FTC Team

Team Duct Tape & Company, Berkely Prep FTC Team

We made more progress understanding the assembly process in ProEngineer,  this past weekend, with members’ practice designs taking (recognizable!) shape.  We enjoyed meeting up with Berkeley Prep coach Keith Walka and team member William, who gamely jumped in with us to wrestle with orientations and attaching parts.

We came up with a list of things we’d like to understand better about ProE, for when we meet up with McCormick-Stevenson engineers later this week., including learning how to better:

  • Modify a small part of a design
  • Save assemblies properly
  • Add parts in Windchill
  • Create patterns with nuts
  • Replicate or reuse an assembly multiple times within a single drawing
  • Differentiate between mirroring, flipping and rotating
  • Model a design
  • See exploded views and
  • Understand representations
    ProEngineer Practice

    ProEngineer Practice

We can’t wait to meet with McCormick-Stevenson!

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