Coastal Caisson Visit & FIRST LEGO League Summer Camp Plans

On Friday, Team Duct Tape members will be visting Coastal Caisson, a deep foundation services company based in Odessa, to learn about other engineering applications.

Team members have spent the last few days getting plans in order for our upcoming FIRST LEGO League summer camps, hosted by the THINK Day homeschool learning cooperative. The first week of the camp will be for THINK Day students and the second week was opened to any interested students. Both camps are filled to capacity and we’re looking forward to meeting and working with so many interested elementary and middle school students, and especially to our Mini-Tournament FIRST Open House event that will follow, on July 6 at Jimmy Keel Public Library.

Team members expanded their use of online social networking resources, using Skype to meet online this week, to tweak their camp plans further.  It was a great, time effective way to have a short meeting and is a resource we’ll continue to use throughout the new season, along with Windchill and other collaborative tools.

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