FLL Summer Camp Underway!

I know!

I know! (Photos courtesy of Team Duct Tape photographer, Amanda)

The first week of Team Duct Tape’s FLL Summer Camp is off to a great start, with a terrific young group of budding programmers and builders.  THINK Day students jumped into their camp experience eagerly and enthusiastically. While a couple of students had a little Mindstorms programming and building experience,  it was the first introduction to FLL for most, and they caught on quickly, grasping NXT G programming concepts and strategies for building efficiently and effectively.

Today, campers learned about FLL Core ValuesGracious Professionalism, Learning about Programmingmotors and drives, and basic NXT G code and motor blocks.

Parents enjoyed a workshop of their own, on Coaching FLL Teams, a great presentation developed by High Tech Kids , which Team Duct Tape parents expanded on by sharing their own experiences and insights.

Building ClassTomorrow, more on teamwork, an introduction to attachments and wait and command blocks with touch sensors, and loops.

And on Wednesday, parents will learn how to help coach the Research portion of the FLL team experience.

Teams that come out of this energetic group will be fun, dynamic and exciting, and

Working together

Working together

coaches should have some good insights and tools for creating an enjoyable experience for all involved.


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