Carnegie Corporation report urges widespread reform of math and science education

In Carnegie Corporation: ‘Do school differently ,eSchool News looks at the Carnegie Corporation’s new report, The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy,”  that advocates for changes in the way American schools and colleges deliver STEM education.

From eSchool News: “Specifically, the report calls for common standards in math and science that are fewer, clearer, more rigorous, and accompanied by closely aligned assessments; improving teacher preparation and recruitment so that every child has an effective teacher for math and science, regardless of his or her socio-economic status; redesigning school systems so they deliver math and science instruction more effectively; and initiating a public-awareness campaign to boost understanding of the link between effective math and science instruction and the current job market. The U.S. needs better math and science education for all students and should place math and science at the center of educational innovation, improvement, and accountability, the report says.”

Among the report’s recommendations:

  • Mount campaigns that generate public awareness of math and science as central to the revitalization of the American economy and social mobility for young Americans
  • Increase public understanding that math and science are connected to a wide range of careers in many fields—virtually any secure and rewarding job in any sector of the economy
  • Advocate for and support smart investments in K-16 mathematics and science achievement for a vital state, city, or regional economy
  • Increase the science and math content in out-of-school time programming through project-based, real-world activities ..

There are many, many more education, government, philanthropic and corporate recommendations in the report, but these four seem to be things FIRST is doing well now, and speak to the importance of individuals and businesses in our communities stepping up to help move us forward in science, technology, engineering and math education support for all our youth.

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