FLL Summer Camp Week Two Steams Along

Eager Programmers

Eager Programmers

…Literally, since it just hasn’t stopped raining all week!  The only place to be is indoors exercising brain power, which is exactly what our Week II campers have been doing.

Students are learning to work together, plan together, communicate and cooperate.  The biggest challenge is often just communicating ideas from which to develop a group plan, rather than plunging in to employ 11 different ideas.  But the group is proving more than up to the task, and they’re finding ways to come together, including utilizing white boards to record data and taking turns trying out ideas.

FLL brings a new way of thinking and working to youth that opens them up to a

Data Collection

Data Collection

range of ideas that expands and builds upon their own. And given the interest in joining teams that’s coming from our summer camp groups, it looks like it’s a way of thinking and learning that most families and students would like to continue doing!


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