Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Due out in August

nxt2Since we’re all about NXTs these days, the Robotic Realm’s news of the new Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is particularly exciting. According to the Robotic Realm, the new kit includes 42 more pieces, a color sensor sensitive to different light intensities (no doubt the “new sensor” alluded to in the new FTC kit of parts list released in May), and a color lamp.

2.0 software now has a sound editor, a picture editor that imports files to the NXT display, a new Bluetooth Contact Block that enables connection to three other NXTs and the deeply useful sounding on screen remote control that enables remote operation of the robot  while programming.

If we’d been paying more attention, we might have noticed Gizmodo’s brief mention of the new NXT set back in February. It’s light on details but has some good photos and does mention the color sensor.  Keep an eye on GeekDad for more info soon, too.  You can also visit MegaWhat TVs YouTube review of the new kit.

Check out official details at the Robotic Realm and at LEGO Education.

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