FLL Mini-Tournament to Celebrate FLL Campers

Week Two Grads

Week Two Grads

Week two wrapped up with campers showing some super programming and building skills, managing to complete several missions on the Climate Change field before the end of the day. They also got to try their hands at driving Team Duct Tape’s FTC robot.

Campers are excited about Monday’s mini-tournament at Jimmy Keel Public Library,

Celebrating Success!

Celebrating Success!

in Tampa, where they’ll get a chance to run head to head with last week’s campers in a scaled down version of an FLL tournament.

Each team will be given a basic robot, and they’ll have an hour and a half to build attachments and program.  Teams will also experience team work and technical interviews with a panel of parent judges to round out their compeition introduction.  And then they’ll run some timed matches.

We’ll have some informational displays on hand,  including  Team Duct Tape’s robot and an FTC field, FLL team displays and lots of information about FIRST robotics.

We’re excited, too, and looking forward to a fun day celebrating all our FLL campers!

Trying out Team Duct Tape's FTC robot

Trying out Team Duct Tape's FTC robot

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