FLL Mini-Tournament Big Success!

Just like a real tournament!

Just like a real tournament!

Our Teams

Our Teams

Graduates of our FIRST LEGO League Summer Camp participated in a rousing FLL Mini-Tournament Monday, at Jimmy Keel Public Library in Tampa that drew a big supportive crowd of family and friends, some curious onlookers and local media.

A new local FIRST LEGO League team, Brick Buddies, joined us with some of their sumo bots, and Team Duct Tape had our robot on display, along with a lot of information about FIRST.

The first week’s campers, calling themselves the Scientific Smarties, squared off with the second week’s team, the White Knights for a rollicking afternoon of FLL fun and a bit of the commensurate drama and tension (robots always work so well in practice runs!)

Students had an hour and a half to build and program about 20 minutes of practice

Team Work Judging

Team Work Judging

time, and then competed for the best three out of five matches.  In between, students experienced team work and technical judging with FLL veteran parents and Team Duct Tape members.

The day ended with everyone a winner.  Students and families learned a bit about the competition experience, and everyone had fun and went home with some nice momentos of the day, courtesy of FL FIRST LEGO League.

We’re looking forward to working with the new teams coming out of the camps, and excited to see them off on their FIRST adventures!  Check out our Slideshow page for more great camp photos.

Good Sports All

Good Sports All

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