More Tribune Coverage in “Kids Revved Up for Robots”

The Tampa Tribune learns about FIRST LEGO League

Sharing FIRST with the Tampa Tribune

The mini-FLL tournament we hosted last week was the cover story in this week’s Carrollwood News and Tribune, the Tampa Tribune’s local weekly.  In Kids Revved Up for Robots, writer Courtney Pastor and photographer Jay Nolen provide a great look at the fun and spirit of FIRST.

We’re especially proud of our campers, who remembered, shared and exemplified the FIRST LEGO League values, especially that all important, “What we learn is more important than what we win.”(Good job, Ray!)

I think everyone learned a lot, including Team Duct Tape, notably that it’s still and always fun to play with LEGOs, especially when you can make them do cool things with an NXT!

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