Season Heats Up, Team Duct Tape Meets with New Members Sept. 4

Team Duct Tape is getting together Friday, September 4, to meet with all our new team applicants.  Several students obviously took some time to carefully consider their replies to our new member application questions, and we’re looking forward to meeting them all in person this week.

We also hope to be opening our new game kit at the meeting (if it arrives in time!) and mulling over, together, the various and sundry clues with which Ken Johnson has been seeding his blog.  The latest tantalizing tidbit on the FTC blog is a photo (such as it is!) of a field construction kit. Sure, the blog headline says “Game Kit Photo Released” — but it’s a photo of the well wrapped supplies needed to build a playiing field. If we really can build it all with supplies from local building supply centers, that would be great!

On Sept 8, we’ve got a USF Robotics Lab visit coming up, and then it’s off to the Season Kick-Off on September 12, in Orlando.

And then we’re off and running!

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