USF Visit Inspires and Teaches



Team Duct Tape members enjoyed a remarkable tour of the University of South Florida’s robotics and engineering technologies labs and programs yesterday, including a fun visit with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Racing Team.

Team members got up close and personal with the latest adaptive technologies underway at USF’s Rehabilitative Engineering and Technology Program , including a peek at the BCI system that proposes using brainwaves to manipulate robotic arms and wheelchairs.

Students also tried their hand at using adaptive driving equipment, learning the

Adaptive driving simulator

Adaptive driving simulator

challenges of driving using only a joystick control.

The whole tour was a great eye opener for all the possibilities available to students interested in engineering, and all the possibilities engineering brings the world.

Visiting with the SAE Racing Team

Visiting with the SAE Racing Team

Thanks, USF, for a great and inspiring visit!

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