TDT Web Pick: SPARK – Starter Programs for the Advancement of Robotics Knowledge

iRobot has launched a new robotics education portal at . Two sections: Educational Resources and Cool Stuff, both take you to some pretty cool stuff!

The Educational Resources section serves  iRobot’s committment to “supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in schools. By using robots, students have fun, teachers get to teach in new ways, and parents get to learn new things along with their children. This is where educators and parents can find robot-related resources to help build STEM curricula and to foster an appreciation for STEM education.”  There are stories, teaching resources, and activities for students in K-college.

Cool Stuff features games, photo galleries, projects and more.

SPARK purports to be partnering with FIRST, as well as CMU, BeatBots, Topobo and Paro

Looks like a good and growing resource to keep an eye on.

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