PTC Invites FIRST Students to Make Use of their Resources

To all FRC and FTC teams:

Let PTC help guide your robot design to success. We offer multiple resources that will help you better understand PTC software and how to use it to your advantage.  We understand that having relevant, easy-to-use training material is critical for teams to adopt and successfully utilize our software and, most importantly, have fun with it! Here are just some of the many resources that PTC has to offer to FIRST teams:

  • Updated “Getting Started” Guides
  • ·Bi-Weekly Recorded Webinars
  • Regional Hands-On Workshops

Please check out our website, and look under the “Resources for FRC and FTC Teams” tab.  Also, don’t forget to listen to our recorded webinars and register for future webinars ( to learn more about the products PTC has to offer!



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