Dark Night of the Innovator Ends Well

Graph of TDT Design Progress

Graph of TDT Design Progress

A few of our Team Duct Tape members remembered this graph of “The Dark Night of the Innovator” shared by FIRST founder Dean Kamen, when he was the keynote speaker at a PTC Users World Event they attended a couple of years ago.   And all of them felt  their robot design process, at least one aspect of it, followed the wavy line pretty closely, ending their meeting yesterday on  a celebratory “It Works!” note.

Hopefully it will work well enough to try out at the upcoming Tempest ‘n’ Tampa event on October 23 &  24, where there will be a practice field and a scrimmage, if enough teams sign up.

We also took a break to enjoy our Windows 7 House Party, and team members got to

Windows 7 Party Animals

Windows 7 Party Animals

take home some W7 party bags with some software and download goodies.

It Sorta Works

It Sorta Works

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