TDT @ TNT 2009

Considering the possibilities Team Duct Tape enjoyed a full day at Tempest ‘n’ Tampa yesterday, catching up with FTC friends from around the state, and finding that we’re all pretty much in the same Hot Shot! wiffle ball chucking boat – a few collector ideas, a couple of shooters and no where to put things in between!

The field went largely unused except for some very short practice runs by a few teams, but it

Trying out the robot

Trying out the robot

was fun to see the various approaches teams are taking to the game.  We enjoyed learning more about the judging process, using the IR sensor (lots of variables there!) , and a new Field Control System beta test.

And we went home with a renewed sense of urgency — our first competition, Hillsborough High School’s RoboMania,  is just three weeks away! – and some new ideas.  Hopefully we can bring it all together by November 14.  At the very least, we’re going to have fun trying!

Working Together

Working Together

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