FTC Senior Mentor Call RE: FIRST Scholarship Program – Oct. 29@7pm EST

TDT wants to help get word out about these great FIRST scholarship opportunities. Even if you’re unable to participate in the call, please visit the FIRST scholarship page or contact Nancy via the contact information given below. FIRST is more than fun, it can help pave your future!


Richard Levey – FIRST Senior Mentor, Chicago
Nancy Rosenberg – FIRST Scholarship Manager
Thursday, October 29, 2009 7:00 pm (East Coast Time)

Questions about the FIRST Scholarship Program?
Contact Nancy at scholarships@usfirst.org or call 603-666-3906 x 451.

General Overview of FIRST Scholarships
· www.usfirst.org/scholarships
· Kinds of Scholarships
· Who can apply
· When and How to Apply
· The Role of FIRST

Current Status of FIRST Scholarships (as of 10/20/09)
· FRC – Over $11M / over 650 scholarship opportunities / over 125 scholarship providers
· FTC – Over $7M / over 400 scholarship opportunities / over 90 scholarship providers
· 3 new scholarship providers (more will be added by end of season)
· 8 scholarships discontinued or put on hold this year (because of current economic downturn)
· Many current scholarship providers increased scholarship amount or quantity this year.

Why Some FIRST Scholarships Go Unused
· Scholarships offered but not accepted
· Not enough applicants – lost opportunities

What Can Mentors and Coaches Do to Help Students Get FIRST Scholarships?
· Encourage awareness of careers in Engineering, Science, and Technology fields
o Help students be aware of possibilities
· Encourage awareness of FIRST Scholarship Program
o Resources: www.usfirst.org/aboutus/content.aspx?id=15411
§ FIRST Scholarship PowerPoint Presentation
§ 2009 FIRST Scholarship Tri-fold brochure
§ 2010 FIRST Scholarships Listed by State
§ FIRST Scholarship FAQs – http://www.usfirst.org/aboutus/content.aspx?id=15408

o Reach students, parents, mentors, high school guidance counselors
· Encourage students to research FIRST scholarships

o How to use the 2010 FIRST Scholarship Opportunities listing (http://www.usfirst.org/scholarshipsearch.aspx )

o Visit website of scholarship providers

o Scholarship activities at Regional and Championship Events
· Encourage/help students to apply for FIRST Scholarships

o Workshop on how to apply (get guidance counselor involved)

o Past scholarship winners

o One-on-one help with applications

o Student Essays – (encourage student to read requirements carefully, give examples, proof-read)
· Letters of Recommendation from mentors and teachers

o Schedule time

o Find out what scholarship provider is looking for

o Be concise, be clear, be honest

How to call: 1-800-503-2899 –  Access code: 6663906

*Please note there are only 150 lines open for these calls, first-come, first-serve. All calls are recorded.


FIRST TM (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

Being a Gracious Professional involves respecting yourself, your team, other teams, and everyone around you. It is a way of doing things with a competitive spirit, without making anyone feel like a loser. Gracious Professionalism is a way of interacting with other people respectfully, doing excellent work, and promoting teamwork and appreciation of others.

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