In the Final Stretch: Interview Practice, Programming & Building

FWCS-ASME president Pete Grotsky offers interview guidance

FWCS-ASME Pres. Pete Grotsky shares interview guidance

Team Duct Tape enjoyed an instructive visit from FWCS-ASME President Pete Grotsky, of Government Programming Contracting and Management Services, who shared his insights on elements of a good interview,  what a quality Engineering notebook should look like, and how a good team conducts itself.   He enjoyed learning about the collaborative tools  like Google Apps and Skype, that TDT employs for administrative, program management and technical needs, and getting a look at our finished practice field.

After working with Mr. Grotsky, and plying their lessons learned in a mock interview practice,  team members hunkered down for an extra long build and programming meeting, stopping only for a short pizza and Mr. Bean video break.

We’ve got one more meeting before next Saturday’s competition at Hillsborough High

Programmers deep in thought

Programmers deep in thought

School, just enough time to tweak the notebook, and hopefully get some drive practice in on the practice field.  If nothing else,  we think the robot looks very cool!  If team members keep working as seamlessly as they did yesterday, though, it’ll work as well as it looks.

Secret programming code

Secret programming code

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