Robomania FTC Qualifying Competition Event Results

Hot Shot! Game Results

Winning Alliance

3045 (Alliance Captain) Built And Dangerous (B.A.D.)

1902 Exploding Bacon

Finalist Alliance

1369 (Alliance Captain) Minotaur

3837 Force Applied

Judged Awards

Inspire Award – 1902 Exploding Bacon

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – 3045 Built And Dangerous (B.A.D.)

PTC Design Award – 2845 Team Duct Tape

Think Award – 1369 Minotaur

Connect Award – 506 Pandara

Motivate Award – 409 Dynasty

FTC Teams 1369, 1902, 2425 (Host Team), 2845 and 3045 qualified for the Florida State Championship.

Congratulations to everyone, from Team Duct Tape!

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