Giving Thanks for Friends, Mentors and Supporters

Mentor Paul Markun checks out our robot

Mentor Paul Markun checks out our robot

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all the great people who support and encourage Team Duct Tape members, individually and as a team.  Today, a couple of TDT members visited Paul Markun at his Tampa Technik machine shop in St. Petersburg.   We were treated to a look at a machine he’d designed and built for a manufacturing company. The machine cuts PVC pipe with no waste and little noise, and Mr. Markun walked students through his development and prototyping process to demonstrating-final-pipe-cuttersee how he arrived at the final product.  It was an eye opening and thought provoking journey!

He also took time to talk to the team members about tool selection, care and organization, important topics we’ve been addressing at meetings.

Mr. Markun also looked over our robot and shared some thoughts and insights about our ideas for improvements.  It was a great visit, and offered a terrific opportunity for realizing just how lucky we are to have so many people who care about the team’s  and student members’  success.

FWCS-ASME president Pete Grotsky offers interview guidance

FWCS-ASME president Pete Grotsky offers interview guidance

From FLL team TechnoForce taking the time to come out and cheer us on at Robomania, to Mr. Pete Grotsky from ASME coming out to a meeting to mentor students on the interview process, to McCormick-Stevenson’s Pro/ENGINEER guidance,  to organizations like EA Games and Coastal Caisson and USF opening

FLL TechnoForce Supporters

FLL TechnoForce Supporters

their doors to us,   to ShurTech Brand’s wonderful donation of a boxful of Duck Tape, to the contributions of time and assistance by member families,  to the generous funding provided by ASME and PTC,  FTC Team Duct Tape is fortunate and grateful beyond words!

The gifts all these and many other wonderful individuals and groups have given TDT students are meaningful far beyond any competition recognition or trophies, and will last students a lifetime.

TDT @ EA with Ryan Burkett, on left.

TDT @ EA with Ryan Burkett, on left.

Thank you all, for all you do, and know that your gifts of time and financial support are deeply valued and appreciated!

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