Busy Weekend!

TDT hard at work

TDT hard at work

TDT members went to work this weekend, incorporating design changes they decided to implement after hearing some useful feedback from Paul Markun at Tampa Technik, and from Madison, at the USF Racing Team.  It’s a good thing our next competition is a couple of months away, because our robot is looking a lot like a kit of parts again!

But team members have high hopes for the new improvements and we’re looking forward to seeing how everything works (whenever we get everything back together!).

Team members also spent part of the weekend mentoring FLL teams, Brick Buddies

Brick Buddies members explain their program

Brick Buddies members explain their program

and TechnoForce, running through practice interviews and technical judging sessions.

We’re looking forward to cheering both teams on during their upcoming competition Saturday, Dec. 12, at USF Patel Charter school, where TDT members will be volunteering.

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