Middleton Last Shot! Qualifying Tournament Results – TDT Earns Inspire Award and in Winning Alliance

All that hard work and the long hours paid off! Team Duct Tape earned the Inspire Award and captained the Winning Alliance, taking it to a four match, edge of your seat final alliance play.  It was touch and go at the beginning, starting with balky computers that fought Bluetooth and nail, and ended with our very grateful finish on a borrowed computer.  Some great on-the-fly engineering improvements, tenacious programming, courageous driving, and enthusiastic team support by all our dedicated members and supportive families took us all the way to the end.    We really enjoyed partnering with Force Applied and hope to have some practice time with them before the state event on Feb. 27.    We’ll post pictures soon!

Congratulations to all the great winning teams at Saturday’s event, and thanks to FTC team Minotaur for hosting such a fun event!

Winning Alliance
2845 (Alliance Captain) Team Duct Tape
3837 Force Applied

Finalist Alliance
3830 (Alliance Captain) SkyNet
499 Nano Fusion
Judged Awards
Inspire Award – 2845 Team Duct Tape
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – 409 Dynasty
PTC Design Award – 499 Nano Fusion
Think Award – 3910 Freezer Burn
Connect Award – 3968 The Roller
Motivate Award – 3830 SkyNet

FTC Teams 409, 3830, 3837, 3846 (Host Team), and 3968 qualified for the Florida State Championship.

2 responses

  1. Congrats on a great battle.



  2. And congrats to Skynet on your Motivate Award and for being such terrific and gracious competitors in a truly exciting finalist match! See you at State!


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