Florida State Championship – It’s Show Time!

2009 FL State Championship

2009 FL State Championship

Thought others might enjoy and possibly benefit from recommendations TDT members have been given, to help make the most of their Florida State Championship experience:

1) Be familiar with the day’s schedule. Visit http://www.flfirst.org/FloridaChampionship2009.shtml for details.

2) Arrive on time and plan to stay the whole day, regardless of whether you’re in the final matches or not.  It’s the GP thing to do!

3) Invite everyone you know! The Florida State Championship is free and open to the public, and the more people there are to enjoy it, the more enjoyable it will be.

4)Remember your FIRST Values:

·        We are a Team.

·        We do the work to get the job done with guidance from our coaches and mentors.

·        We honor the spirit of friendly competition.

·        What we learn is more important than what we win.

·        We share our experiences with others.

·        We display gracious professionalism in everything we do.

·        We have fun!

5) Be Competition Ready:

  • Have your consent and release forms.
  • Have all your gear, including necessary tools and parts.
  • Have pre- and post- match checklists.
  • Have all the necessary templates and programs: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc/content.aspx?id=6650
  • Look sharp – dress appropriately.
  • Be Gracious Professionals – Mind your manners, in the pit, in the judging room, on the competition field and everywhere in between. 
  • BE at the competition! To get the most out of this great opportunity, you have to BE there in body, mind and spirit. 
  • Be Interview Ready – Know your stuff, have your notebook, showcase what you’ve done, and show you enjoy doing it!

6) Aim High and Have Fun!

2 responses

  1. Team Brick Buddies | Reply

    We want to be first to congratulate Team Duct Tape for their outstanding performance at the Florida State Championship today! We came by to cheer and then watched via the webcast. It was clear you aimed high and still had fun (as we saw Chris Waugh doing the limbo during the final match rounds!)
    Great job!
    John David, Peter, Johnny, Tyler & shelley — from Team Brick Buddies


  2. Thanks, Brick Buddies! If all else fails – and all else often does, making us extra grateful for a good showing on Saturday — we can always DANCE! 🙂


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