Fun at FRC Regional

demo-fieldTDT members had fun demonstrating their robot with Smoke and Mirrors and Minotaur at the FRC Regional this afternoon.  Weexplaining-ftc burned out a servo and spent a while with it upon on the table, repairing it, but it’s always fun to just drive and collect balls and shoot them, even if they don’t always go where you’d like!  We also enjoyed speaking to a lot of people about FTC, which seems to be generating a lot of interest for its portability, affordability and accessibility – basically a robotics program that serves a lot of -abilities!

At one point, during the FRC Regional, Smoke and Mirrors and Team Duct Tape were  honored with recognition for their achievements at the FTC State Championship, and enjoyed showing off our little robots to the big robot teams.  We also enjoyed watching a few FRC matches.

All in all, it was a great day to share what we love about FTC, and get in a little driving practice and watch some great robotics competitions. 

A Little Dancing in the Stands

A Little Dancing in the Stands






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