Steaming Ahead

hard-at-workTDT enjoyed having some guests at this past Saturday’s meeting – mentors and supporters who wanted to see our robot’s progress duct-tape-divas-at-workand meet team members.  At times, it was probably about as exciting as watching paint dry.  Who doesn’t love watching a programmer at work?  But we applaud our guests’ genuine interest in the team’s efforts, and especially the “jump-right-in” spirit of one, who joined in with our parent Duct Tape Divas crafting World Championship give-aways.

Members also worked on fliers for our March 31 Benefit Dinner at the Breakfast Nook in Land O’ Lakes.  There’s still time to get tickets!  Team members will exchange tools and computers for aprons and oven mits and help serve meals at the dinner, as well as be on hand to show guests the robot and answer questions about their team experience.

It’s hard to believe we have only two more weeks before the World Championship! We can’t wait!

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