National Lab Day – A National Barn-raising for Hands-On Learning

nlbAmerica needs more engineers and scientists to maintain marketing competitiveness and keep jobs. National Lab Day reminds us that we need to start early, getting students interested and getting serious about engineering, math, and science. Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist

FIRST provides a great lab for hands on learning, and National Lab Day calls for more resources and opportunities like FIRST to engage students in meaningful STEM education.  National Lab Day is “a nationwide initiative to build local communities of support that will foster ongoing collaborations among volunteers, students and educators.

“Volunteers, university students, scientists, engineers, other STEM professionals and, more broadly, members of the community are working together with educators and students to bring discovery-based science experiences to students in grades K-12. When an educator posts a project, our system will help them get the resources needed to bring that project to fruition. On May 12th, 2010 we will celebrate this collaboration with National Lab Day activities across the country. ”

Check out National Lab Day resoures and information at

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