MythBusters Duct Tape Hour II

Duct tape = Infinite Possiblitiies!

Duct tape = Infinite Possiblitiies!

We can only blame off-season slack for failing to mention this past week’s episode of MythBusters – Duct Tape Hour 2 – a followbanner-close-up up to their first Duct Tape Hour show of a few months back.  Duct tape (especially Duck Tape!)  really can do (almost) anything, from holding a car together to bridging a chasm!  (MB Duct Tape Hour II shows at least one thing duct tape can’t do – although it puts up a fight!)

We’re happy to see that Jamie Hyneman concurs with FTC Team Duct Tape when he declares of duct tape, “Two sides, infinite possibilities.” 

We heartily agree!  Look for more signature duct tape creations from TDT in the coming season!



Duct tape daisies

Duct tape daisies

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