coolTECH Preview

test-driving-tdt-botTDT had a lot of fun setting up our booth at coolTECH this afternoon.  We had a lot of fun learning about the other exhibitors, andlearning-about-robrady had a particularly good time visiting the Robrady booth – Engineering heaven!  We plan to go down to Sarasota to visit the design company later this summer, and get a first hand look at the process behind all their great inventiveness.  The company builds everything from floating tools to Segways and motorcycles. Even better, they clearly like sharing their enthusiasm for design and technology with others, especially interested engineers-in-training.

coolTECH reception guests also seemed to have a good time with our students sharing their own enthusiasm for design and technology, with several trying their hands at driving our TDT robot.

The SkypeBot got a bit of early debut as well and drew a curious crowd, watching remote operators drive the robot around the coolTech exhibit area from a home in Odessa.  All in all, it was a fun kick off for what looks like an exciting event tomorrow.  And TDT will be there bright and early, too, to meet with a Fox Good Day for a morning show taping.


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