Cool Day at coolTECH

coolTECH was fun, start to finish. We started off a little bleary-eyes with a Fox Good Day show interview that mostly showcased TDT sleepiness at 7:30am, but rallied with later clips

Fox 13 filming Cubie

Fox 13 filming Cubie

of Cubie doing its stuff shooting wiffle balls at the camera.   Members got plenty of public speaking practice, fielding questions from webcasters and other media, as well as crowds of visitors inquiring about FTC and FIRST, demoing the robot, and giving guests an opportunity to try driving both Cubie and Skypebot, which was also a big hit.

Demonstrating SkypeBot

Demonstrating SkypeBot

Recently graduated team member, Chris W., made an appearance driving the Skypebot around coolTECH from his home in Lutz, as did a couple of other test drivers.

TDT members enjoyed hearing keynote speaker, Frank Farro,  director of New Technology at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts speak, and TDT coaches appreciated Mr. Farro’s innovative team building reflections, especially his “Pennance for Pessimism” jar idea for discouraging negativity during brainstorming and work sessions.
We also made some great new friends we’ll be staying in touch with throughout our new season.  There was a lot of great technology on display at coolTECH and we’re excited about opportunities

to learn more about  some of the products and processes we saw exhibited. 

Talking with coolTECH guests about FIRST

Talking with coolTECH guests about FIRST

Next stop: PTC/USER World Event in Orlando, on Monday and Tuesday!

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