Great TRAK Visit

trak-welcomeTeam Duct Tape members enjoyed a terrific day at TRAK Microwave in Tampa, on Tuesday.  After sharing some background and information about FIRST and FTC, team members shared their Team Duct Tape knowledge and experiences with an impressive crowd of TRAK employees who turned out for a morning of robotics and lunch with Team Duct Tape and FLL  Brick Buddies.  The SkypeBot was on hand, too, and drew considerable interest.

After lunch, TDT and Brick Buddies enjoyed a great tour of the TRAK Microwave facility and learning all about the remarkable

TDT and Brick Buddies

TDT and Brick Buddies

 technology created and used by TRAK.  We hope to enjoy more  insights and expertise from  TRAK engineering mentors throughout the coming season.

Thank you, TRAK, for a great visit and for making us feel so welcome!


TDT with TRAK Microwave

TDT with TRAK Microwave

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