Mini-Tournament Fun End to LEGO Engineering Camp


Getting ready for a table run

TDTs LEGO Engineering camp wrapped up with a mini-FLL Tournament, showcasing students newminitourney-crowd programming and building skills.  Team Duct Tape members even ran them through some teamwork and technical judging paces, for a fuller experience. Family members joined campers to cheer them on in their table runs and everyone went home with mini-LEGO trophies and certificates.

Hopefully, there will be a couple of new FLL teams in the Tampa Bay area soon, with some pretty sharp new FLLers!  TDT hopes to be visiting some of our campers’ schools and homeschool groups in coming months, to help them learn more about starting teams.

We’re definitely ready for some R&R this weekend though, when we get together for TDTs annual Independence Day Weekend Potluck with team families and friends.




Enjoying the big bot

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