Sec. of Education Arne Duncan Checks out Skunkworks

Check out U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, driving Skunkworks FRC robot during a visit to Aviation High School in DesMoines.   It was a strained visit, as Race to the Top funds are on the line, but Duncan said he was impressed by Aviation High School and ” would like to see a hundred more schools like it across the country.”

“This is a model for the country, absolutely,” he said, adding that the administration is interested in both charter schools and other innovative approaches.

State education officials see the school as an example of what they hope to accomplish if the state wins a grant from the competitive Race to the Top program.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire said that if Duncan sees how innovative some of Washington’s public schools are, he’ll recognize that creativity can live outside of charter schools. Washington state voters have voted repeatedly against charter schools.

See some pictures and read the entire article at

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