YMCA Day 2

It Works!
It Works!

It’s no easy task trying to teach thirty kids ages 6-11 robotics basics in the frenetic environment of a full blown YMCA summer camp, with other campers regularly tramping through classrooms from the swimming pool, indoor or outdoor sports programs or simply on their way from one area of the building to another. The Bob Sierra YMCA hosts a stunning array of activities and programs and all of them appear packed this week!

But no group goes by without oggling the LEGOs, and it’s common to hear some plaintive voices proclaiming in passing, “I wish I was in programming-togetherthat camp!” Such is the power of LEGOs! 
And such are the skills, perseverence, and good natured adaptability of Team Duct Tape members in managing and teaching their many and varied charges throughout the day, that a lot of our campers don’t want to leave when camp is over.
Today, campers got some sticky teamwork in with a marshmallows and spaghetti building challenge, learned about sensors , and worked more on understanding gear ratios.  And here’s a tip, courtesy of one of our clever programmers — when working with a rowdy crowd of grade schoolers, use a sound sensor and program the robot to stop when sound is detected, so it will only run when the room is quiet!  (Genius, Lee! )
Tomorrow, center of gravity and lever attachments,  loops and if-then blocks and rubberband cars! lookit-my-bot-2

One response

  1. I love the “stop on noise” sensor idea!

    I know the space you’re in at the Y and some of the campers you have. That’s a display of some serious teaching / mentoring skills by Team Duct Tape.


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