TDT visiting Robrady in Sarasota

TDT members checking out Robrady's revolutionary bike

TDT members checking out Robrady's revolutionary bike

Team Duct Tape members are heading south to Sarasota on Friday, to visit Robradya product design and development studio that “combines progressive industrial design, mechanical design, graphics / packaging design, rapid prototyping, and production program management to deliver profitable product solutions for our multinational client base.”

Robrady, some of whose reps we met at coolTECH at MOSI in June,  creates a variety of products for consumers in the electronics, transportation, marine, medical and graphic fields.  Products include Segways, marine tools, the very cool Vectrix Electric Super Bike and more.

Our tour will include a look at each step in their production design process:

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Rapid Prototype and CNC facilities

We’re also taking our robot to do short demo for their engineers.  We’re really looking forward to our visit,  which we think will be an inspirational start to the new season!

4 responses

  1. Looking forward to showing Team Duct Tape around the studio. Had a blast checking out their awesome robots at coolTECH!


  2. Hey Team Duck Tape!!! I hope you guys are bringing the new robots down to dazzle the team. I am looking forward to seeing you guys and catching up.


  3. We can’t wait! No new FTC robots yet, but we’ve got a couple of Vex bots we’re bringing and the “chat bot”, in addition to “Cubie” last season’s award-winning wiffle ball flinging bot! See you tomorrw.


  4. Jennifer Jensen | Reply

    We are so thrilled to have Team Duct Tape at ROBRADY!! What a great opportunity to see what young inventors/innovators have created!


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