Play a (Kick-off) Party Game with Us!

Team Duct Tape is hosting a 2010 FTC Season Kick-Off party game for our Saturday Kick-Off event in Orlando  –  Guess the Game – or get as close as possible – and win a duct tape gift!  We’ll be accepting guesses via email and on the day of the event.  But you can play even if you don’t live in Florida.  Just email us your Best Guess by Friday evening, and we’ll post your guesses here and pick the one closest to the actual game after the reveal on Saturday afternoon.   Winner of the online version of our game will get a small duct tape gift. If you send in an out-of-state guess, write ” [Your State:] FTC Game Guess” in the subject line, and don’t forget to include your team name and number in your email.  Visit Ken Johnson’s FTC blog to see old and (hopefully!) new game clues!

So… What’s Your Best Guess?


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